The Game That Has Not Been Named…

Hey there everyone!

This blog post today is about my final project for my Independent Study. I will be creating a video game on Twine. I don’t have a name for the game yet, I need to create it first before I give it a title.

The concept of the game that I am creating is based around J.K. Rowling’s world of Harry Potter. You, yourself are the main character of the story and you go through the options for the game depending on what you choose as your Hogwarts house and how you handle situations that come across your path on an everyday life at Hogwarts.

The game is set at Hogwarts School from the Harry Potter universe and you could be taken to the great hall to be sorted, your house’s common room to hang out with friends, or a classroom all depending on the choices you make. The goal of the game is to survive a day at Hogwarts without getting killed by the dark arts or failing your classes. You want to stay alive and pass your O.W.L.S. to be able to come back the next year.

I want the player to feel like they are in the world of Harry Potter like people in my generation have always wanted to do ever since this series was created. I want people to feel like they are the wizards and witches that they are destined to be. Like all walks of life, the choices you make shape your future.

The realm of Hogwarts has been a part of people’s lives since J.K. Rowling decided to create the character of Harry Potter. Kids would dream about the day they would receive their letters stating that they were a witch or a wizard and they had gained entry to the best school of magic. I would like to make an adaptational story from the world of Harry Potter and help the people like me who weren’t able to get their Hogwarts letters feel like they did and get to go through all of the magical things that the students of Hogwarts got to go through from the seven magical books and 8 wonderful movies that helped bring this universe to life.

I would like to note that I do not have any rights to the world of Hogwarts or any of its characters. All of it belongs to J.K. Rowling and if you would like to see where that world started here is her website:

When working with the Twine game creator, I had some difficulty at first with the structure and making sure everything was connected by my professor took me step by step on what to do and gave me links to figure out how it all worked so it is slowly getting easier to manage.

My professor has created her own game on with the Twine website and it was very interesting to see how it would take you back to the start if you didn’t do the task right and I had to do it over a few times but eventually got it right.

It’s called “Chasing the Manic Pixie Dream Girl,” and it is a game you should totally check out!

Now it’s time for me to go back to my board full of notecards to make sure I have all of the game set up right and hopefully soon, I’ll have a game that people can play and enjoy!

Bye for now!



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