Social Media Project

Hello Interweb Perousers! Long time, no see!

There is a website called “Know Your Meme” that takes different memes around the social media platforms and finds all the information they can about it. Where did the meme originate? Who posted the first meme? and different types of looks for the meme itself.

For the Social Media Project in my Digital Writing independent study, I chose to do the Arthur’s Fist meme. Know your meme’s website gave me a lot of information about the meme like the exact episode that the meme is featured in, a graph showing the popularity of the meme, the original meme and different chats that discuss topics that bring up the Arthur meme.

Arthur fist

For the project, I’ll generally look for what made the meme famous and skyrocket through social media and what made it fall back down again. The chart on Know Your Meme showed that the meme rose very high in popularity, dropped down drastically and then slowly is climbing up again and I’m wanting to see what groups made the meme rise so high and what type of people made it rise again.

Arthur was a television show that a lot of people in my generation would watch and would relate too and the episode where Arthur is so mad he makes the “Arthur fist” it became relatable to the same group of people who loved the show in their childhood.

The Arthur fist meme is not completely faded out of the social media circuit but it definitely isn’t used as much as it was in the beginning of its lifespan. With finding out more information and researching this meme through a Storify account, I hope to find out the inner workings of the meme and it’s creation and hopefully have a few laughs along the way!

See you later!



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