Usability Report: Update

In this post, I’ll be discussing what I have been seeing with the first few participants of my Usability Report.

The first person to see the website for my report was my professor, Dr. Condis. I was having my weekly meeting with her and had her check over the website and my questions to make sure I was on the right track. She didn’t do all of the tasks that I had written in my last post but she went through the first one and saw that if you clicked on the picture of the tablet with J.K. Rowling’s twitter on it, it takes you straight to her twitter. We were both shocked to find that the web designers did that; I didn’t even know you could do that.

The first participant for my report was my roommate. I sat next to her and had her start  from the webpage and timed and took not of how many clicks she used to get to where she was going. Since she saw it as a competition, she tried to do it as fast as she could and that actually lead to her taking a lot longer and using more and more clicks of the mouse. She knows who J.K. Rowling is but she has never read the books and has only seen some of the movies. I had a feeling it would take her a bit longer to complete the tasks with her lack of love for wizarding worlds and my observation was correct in the end.

My second participant was my second roommate. A creative writing major with a love for sci-fi and Harry Potter. She is not as competitive as my other roommate and she just sat there and took her time with what she needed to do. She had more knowledge of what things where than the first participant but like the first person, neither of them thought to click on the tablet that lead straight to the twitter account.

After this weekend, and a visit with my friend’s from back home, I should have more participants for this report and more data to update on the next blog post.

I really hope someone finds the links that are hidden in the pictures. I am still shocked by finding out about that.

Until next week!



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